How do payday loans work?

If your income isn’t that much to meet the monthly expenses then you may already have been familiar with the term pay day loan. Hence, it may be possible that you are searching some cheap option for these loans. In fact, it’s a common problem among the folks which have a regular monthly income that is hardly enough for monthly expenditures, to seek some additional sources from where they can get some extra amount to meet some unexpected financial problems arise in the mid month. Well, if these loans are good in such situations then they come with some drawbacks as well. Therefore it is mandatory for you to learn the pros and cons of cash advance loans.

So, how does a payday loan work? Let’s explore in this article:

What is a Payday Loan

Obviously, you have heard about lots of loans available in the market like home loans, students’ loans or personal loans but it may be possible that you haven’t heard about these loans earlier. They are, however, somewhat newbie in financial market but are getting popularity consistently. These loans have some other names as well like “Cash Advance”, “Payday Advance Loans”, etc.

How to get a Payday Loan?

They are the best options for getting instant relief in fiscal problems. However, the whole process has some certain aspects involved that you should know before applying. Here, we have given some general queries regarding it and we hope that this article will help you a lot in breaking the mystery of these loans.

So, you may be wondering, how do I get a payday loan? First of all, we should investigate actually what is it? And when we should apply for it? In fact, these are considered as unsecured loans that are meant for providing quick relief if we can’t overlook any of our unexpected expenses. Borrowers just have to pay it off at his/her next payday. Additionally, the tenure for such loans is the shortest as compared to other usual loans available out there.


Actually there are no such limitations where you are going to use cash advance loans. However, these loans are normally borrowed for meeting any financial need that should be paid off instantly. Also, there are some maximum loan amount limits that depend on your net monthly salary.

Eligibility Criterion

There is no credit check required for these loans that’s why sometimes we call these loans as payday loans no credit check. So, you can go with it despite the bad credit record as well. A regular job, a checking a/c, 18+ age, US citizenship and a minimum salary threshold are required to be eligible for these loans.

Application Process

Now, the application process has been quite easy and the easiest method for filing the application is to go online. Keep the required details with you, mentioned in above para, while filing the application form online. However, some online cash advances companies may ask for some additional employment details so don’t forget to keep employment and bank details with you.

Charges and Other Details

However, the charges (including interest rates and other charges) are sky high for these loans but you should talk with at least 5-10 lenders before applying for the best payday loans online. There are some guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders which offer low APRs as well. Also, some of them offer 1st week fee free loans. The loans amount limit may vary in between $100 to $1500 as per your financial state.

You have to pay off your principal amount along with interest rates on the date of your next payday, although, some lenders may be flexible enough and oblige you with additional pay off duration. But try to repay the loans within the given time line or lender would be free to apply some additional charges on you as penalty.

Are you facing cash problem to deal with some overdue bills, rentals, repair charges, or medical urgency? This fast cash urgency may be for any reason but you have to deal with at any rate. Therefore you may be in need of fast cash to recover. You may seek financial help from your friends or relatives and often you can easily take over the situation through this monetary help from your friends or relatives. But in case, there is no option before you then you can always rely on pay day loans online that are fast and instant.

How and Where can I get a payday loan Online?

Well, start researching online and make a list of 6-7 online direct lenders. Just go with any search engine that you would like and you will have plenty of results. Once you have the complete list of lenders then you should start eliminating those ones which don’t fit into your needs; since they don’t fulfill all of your requirements therefore it’s just a waste of time to proceed with those lenders.

Now, analyze the rest ones against your financial conditions. Are you able to qualify for all of them or just one or two? Almost every guaranteed payday loans direct lenders do provide the complete list of their requirements. Just keep those ones for which you can qualify successfully and again eliminate the rest ones. It’s the time to move on with the lenders you have in hand.

Okay, again check out the complete list of pay day loan lenders for their legitimacy. Are the lenders you have chosen abide the laws of Federal government as well as your state? Do check the customer care phone number and try to make a call on this number in order to make sure if it’s working.

Additionally, do check if they have given any complete physical address on their site; address should be complete not just only the PO box number. You should also perform a deep check for their reviews given by other real customers and if possible then contact to the business bureaus; so that you can be sure that the same day cash advance lenders are reliable.

Well, now you have removed all the lenders that may be scammers, tough to apply etc. Now, you can proceed with applying for best payday loans online with the lenders on the list. Well, remember you can’t apply for more than $1,500 as pay day loans online therefore if your requirements are more than it then better not to apply. Some states allow for more than one pay day loan at the same time. So, check out the state’s law and if your state allows then you can apply with 2-3 different lenders if you need more than $1,500.

What is the best Payday Loan Company?

There are lots of lenders online as well as offline functioning in the market those are offering guaranteed cash as advance loans to salaried persons but how can you decide the legitimacy of a company? Well, it’s only you who can find it out:

See, the reliable companies don’t allure their customers and clearly mention the fees as well as interest rates and they don’t compromise on it generally. However, you can make a good research and find out the cheapest cash advance offer in your territory and as per your credit ratings. Best lender do offer loans within 1-2 working days (most of the times it’s just 24 hrs) that is credited directly into your checking account. You should also checkout the APR in order to decide which offer could be best for you.

Why these loans are popular

Generally, which loan falls under this category? Small amount loans for a very short timing along with high APRs are widely popular as these fast cash loans. Okay, if the APRs are that much high they why they are so popular? Reason is very clear that they help people in conditions where they have no other options but to go with a lender. You may also ask help from a friend or familiar but what if they deny? So, smart decision is to choose the cheapest loan available for your needs.

Actually, the people who come from lower-middle class or obviously the lower class generally get out of cash at the end of the month. And sometimes before reaching the month end; still there are some days left to go without money. That’s the reason that the best payday loans online are that much popular. Additionally, for these classes there are many regular monthly expenses associated like gas, electricity, children’s fee and expenses, food and lodging expenses. Since, fulfilling these expenses and still carrying the cash up to the month end isn’t easy they generally tend to borrow it.

The Drawbacks

This same benefit of these quick money loans is what makes these loans worse for these lower/lower middle class. How? Actually because of its nature and sky high APRs. The cheapest loan carries quite high APRs and thus, if doesn’t handled carefully, the borrower may saddle into the financial pitfall. We should consider the fact that the monthly income of these classes is relatively low as compared to other high classes of the society. Some critics may even have said that the borrower may be trapped into relatively bad financial condition rather than before borrowing the loan.

How to Pay Off Payday Loans?

But with taking smart decisions and following some simple guidelines, the borrower may successfully meet the financial crisis and successfully repay his/her pay day loan. First, always consider instant payday loans as your last choice. Choose the most reliable and secure payday loans lenders. Try to pay off the loan as soon as possible for you. Go with the cheapest lenders. Don’t take another loan to pay off the prior loan. Carefully, look into TOS and you state’s law regarding cash advances. And finally don’t use the loan for any other purpose.

How to consolidate payday loans

It is true that one might need money for anything, but there is no way you become careless about what you are stepping into. Even the slightest mistake regarding your finances can bring troubles. All you need to do is just imagine how difficult the situation is going to turn out if you don’t make the best use of these fast cash loans.

You cannot always relate cash advance loans to something bad. It is true that they come with extremely high interest rates and may burn the biggest hole in your pocket if not properly managed. They do bring lots of benefits to the lenders, but you can also be greatly benefited through them. They will help you in cases of urgency as you can get them without your credit report being scrutinized even once by the lenders. Well, this may sound like just the thing you ever wanted, right? Just be a bit careful so as to make the best of them.

There are people who do make things difficult for themselves, and it may be that you are one of them. So, you will need to get out of the mess, don’t you think? Well, there is always a way out. There are payday loan debt consolidation programs and loans that bring rays of hope to people carrying mountains of debt on their heads. They make things easier for people and let them start afresh.  Read along to know about them in detail.

Payday loan debt consolidation programs

There are programs that will help lower the interest rates on your debts and make it easier for you to pay them back. You will have to find the right consolidator who should be able enough to make the best out of the negotiations with your creditors. Your consolidator will decide upon a monthly payment based upon your financial condition. All you have to do is pay that amount to him or her regularly. This amount then gets distributed to your creditors. Don’t ever forget to pay your consolidators on time and make sure you are keeping them updated on your financial situation. This way they will try renegotiating on the interest rates with your creditors on your behalf.

Payday loan debt consolidation loans

This single loan will help you pay off your payday debts at once because that’s what it is meant to do. With your payday debts paid, all you have to worry about is the low-interest secured loan that you have taken out. You will have to be very careful and make sure you are making the payments right on time. Otherwise, you will be digging your own grave if not anything else.

These loans are tempting to the cash-strapped consumers. However, they can create huge financial problems in certain situations. This mainly happens when the consumers are unable to pay off the loans. Consumers can take advantage of payday loan consolidation to get out of the vicious cycle of debt.

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